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All orders over $100 include free shipping.

Shipping Pricing:

Basic shipping on orders over $100 (7 - 10 business days): FREE

Basic shipping on orders under $100 (7 - 10 business days): $15

Express Shipping on orders over $100 (4 - 7 business days): $25

Express Shipping on orders under $100 (4 - 7 business days): $19


If you change your mind about our product or are dissatisfied with what you've received within 7 days of receiving the product, please email us to let us know and as long as there is no damage to the product we can help you exchange it for something else. In this case where there is no transit-related breakage, we do require you to pay all related shipping costs for the return and exchange.



We accept all major credit cards and use Square for our online payment system. It is a safe and secure system to purchase goods. If you would like to learn more you can click here.


If you are interested in a purchasing large quantities or selling Joyce Needham Porcelain Jewellery through your company, please inquire by emailing:

broken in transit

If your jewellery breaks in transit before it gets to you, we ask that you let us know immediately when you receive the package so that we can clear it up with the transit & delivery company. Our policy states that as long as you contact us within 48 hours of delivery (according to the time stated in shipment tracking), we will send a replacement. If we are contacted outside of the 48 hours we will be unable to confirm that the breakage was caused in transit and therefore cannot provide a replacement. Timing is key in this situation. 

dropped or chipped

If your jewellery breaks due to accidentally dropping/hitting it on a hard surface, or something of that nature, we unfortunately cannot provide a replacement, but if you email us a photo of the broken piece we would be happy to send you a coupon code for 10% off your next purchase.  These products are made of porcelain, a breakable clay material, so we do warn that caution is necessary when handling them. 

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